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Why I Am Running
I am a Faithful Constitutional Conservative

I am a front line warrior fighting for Colorado's Youth and Families. I am not a politician, and would not even consider stepping into a campaign if I saw that our current elected officials were outspoken and courageous when it came to stepping up for what is moral, ethical and right for our families and future generations.

Bills and Legislation are consistently presented that strip parental rights, destroy traditional family values and force medical decisions on the public. A war has been launched against business owners who don't bend to the radical left and doctors who disagree with progressive recommendations of government entities acting on political rhetoric rather than medical reasoning.

Colorado is not at a Crossroad, it is already heading down a track of destruction and our legislators, with few exceptions, are standing by silently as freedoms are being stripped away from the citizens of this great state.

I will not be silent, I never have been silent. I am a fighter for our youth and families, and will fight endlessly to protect the freedoms of my constituents.

It's time for a change, it's time for elected officials to make noise when bills are introduced that interfere with the rights of our most vulnerable.

We cannot standby as the woke crowd attempts to normalize abnormal behaviors and allows for young people to alter their bodies and create permanent damage during adolescence.

With a long history of serving youth and families through coaching, teaching and serving in youth ministry, I have proven my passion to protect our youth, and serving as a legislator is the next step in my tireless quest to protecting the future for generations to come.

It is for these reasons that I ask for your support in my campaign to serve you as State Legislator in House District 20.

Jason Lupo for Colorado HD20

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to fall away — it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea." Matthew 18:6 CSB


About Me

I identify first and foremost as a Child of the One True King. It is that identity that shapes my world-view and beliefs. I identify as a Coach, who has worked for 14 years mentoring, and encouraging youth through sport. I identify as an educator, who loves education and seeks to find the best way for students to learn and be successful in and out of the classroom. I identify as a True Constitutional Conservative Warrior who will fight for your rights and freedoms and against the tyranny of our current elected officials.

In 2016, I founded Full Armour Swim Team, an outspoken Faith Based Youth Club Sports Program, which at the time was one of the few Independent Christian Sports Programs in the country and remains to the best of our knowledge the only Christian Swim Team in the United States.

As a Christian Business Owner, I have been attacked for our views and beliefs, and we have not quivered in our mission. Currently State Law has created contradictions in the protections of one's religious beliefs and the woke agenda. 


I have always seen sport as a vehicle for Positive Youth Development, and I go to great lengths to ensure our programs prioritize our youth's development as a whole and not just create talented athletes. We have embarked on a mission to ensure every child has the opportunity to participate regardless of financial status, and while the vast majority of club sports programs prioritize financial commitment, we have sought to ensure that belonging to a team is affordable to all.


During the pandemic, I was a fighter on the frontline. Fighting for our athletes, who were dealing with the psychological stress of their everyday lives being flipped upside down.

After seeing our young men and women struggling with the removal of all of their social support, I opened up a gym, Full Armour Training Center to allow our kids to return to a sense of normalcy. This became our home base as we struggled to return to our pools, as we were at the will of the School Districts for the ability to return. 


I fought for our swimmers at our state governing body to return to normalcy, voicing the concerns and frustrations that many were too afraid to voice over fear of repercussions or disturbing relationships.


It is this same mentality I will bring to my role as State Legislator. An unwillingness to backdown on the issues that are harming our youngest constituents, regardless of the negative press and attacks I may face.


It is for these reasons I ask that you support me as your next State Legislator in House District 20.


University of Colorado Colorado Springs
BS Business, Sports Management
BS Health Sciences, Strength and Conditioning

Clemson University
Masters in Youth Development Leadership


Outspoken, Bold & Tested Fighter

As the Host of Faith Family Fitness on 100.7 The Word, I have never shied away from any topic regardless of the threat of backlash. I have proclaimed boldly the truth. We provide resources necessary for families from health information, youth development, political developments, and fitness research.

The information we present is always backed by the research and bias in research is always a focal point. I believe that there is a body of research that exists with data that is useful, but the bias of individuals can lead to conclusions that fit a given narrative. Instead of trusting the implications and conclusions drawn by reporters and researchers, we need to look at the research independently to draw our own conclusions. 

The failure of observing bias in research was a crucial flaw in decision making during the pandemic. It is obvious that research was tailored at proving a political narrative and discounting the treatment that many doctors found to be beneficial. Potentially costing thousands of lives.

If elected, I promise to study the data presented, and use critical thinking to ask the tough questions rather than accepting the bias and findings presented by lobbyists to fit their own agenda and political rhetoric.


In Action

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