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“As a pro-life man, I value the sanctity of ALL human life - from conception to natural death. I know that I share these values with Jason. He has my support as a friend and as a voter since the LIFE issue is the most critical factor to me.”

Luke Vercollone

Former Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC Team Captain

Pro-Life Advocate and Men's Ministry Leader

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“Jason is a true conservative and man of God who serves his community and his church. He is hard working and an asset in everything he puts his hands to. I fully endorse him and know he will bring real leadership to a much needed venue.”

Garrett Graupner

Lead Pastor

Fervent Church


“As an avid Pro-Life supporter, vigorous parental rights and homeschool education advocate, small business owner, and fighter for our constitutional freedoms, I trust that Jason Lupo will make sure decisions that align with these same values. I support him as a friend for State House District 20.”

Lindsay Moore

GAO Colorado Springs

Former CCD1 Candidate

Glenn Melvin

“Jason Lupo has always been a fighter and he will continue to fight for the freedoms of Coloradans. He has done this through facing down officials at public meetings and through the airwaves. I ask you Colorado, whose methodology would you prefer, someone who speaks through the crystal clear airwaves or someone who operates in the smoke-filled back parlors of government?”

Aaron Novy

“I have known Jason since 2010. We both went to UCCS together. He is a smart, industrious, talented, honest man. It’s rare that someone of his caliber comes along and I’m proud to call him my friend. I encourage everyone to not only vote for him, but to donate to his campaign. He believes in God, in family, and in our Constitution. There can be no one better in the State House than Jason Lupo.”

Ivy Lui

Colorado State Liaison

Moms for America

Former D49 School Board Member

"Jason Lupo stood up strongly in the fight against the infringement of our constitutional rights during Covid mandates. He stuck by his guns and never wavered. His convictions are staunch about what’s right and wrong and I believe he will carry that into his elected office."


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