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Parental Rights

For far too long, government entities have believed that they know better than parents when it comes to healthcare and education decisions affecting our youth in Colorado.

Colorado law currently does not require consent of a child's parent to receive an abortion. Minors may receive the HPV, Hepatitis A and B vaccine without their parents permission and may receive treatment for sexually transmitted infections without even a parental notice.


State funds are being used to inform students of this information at the cost to the taxpayer. Schools are choosing to assess student mental health, with only a notification to opt-out. Passive parental consent, which requires parents to opt-out rather than opt-in, is an invasive and intrusive phishing expedition, in which entities are gathering extremely confidential and private information about Colorado families. These school survey may even ask about family gun ownership and students sexual orientation.

If elected I will fight to end any law that allows for passive parental consent and require informed consent when it comes to research, medical decisions and treatment.

Family Playing with Ball

"Passive parental consent, which requires parents to opt-out rather than opt-in, is an invasive and intrusive phishing expedition, in which entities are gathering extremely confidential and private information about Colorado families."

Jason Lupo

Virus Studies

Medical Freedom

Colorado is quickly becoming a state that demands its citizens comply with the state's decisions when it comes to you and your families health.

Current legislators have made little to no fight in ensuring parents and everyday citizens are protected based on their medical decisions. Bills seeking to ensure that the COVID vaccine could not be given to minors without parental consent, and protections for Colorado's workforce against discrimination based on COVID vaccine status failed to make it out of committee. Which opens the door for employers to continue to request confidential medical information.

Parents are losing their rights to make medical decisions for their kids, with the threat of having their children forcibly taken from the family unit in the name of "child welfare" for not bending to the will of the government.


If elected, I will fight to keep Colorado families' medical information private, end discrimination based on health choice and protect a families right to choose whether or not to provide preventative and potentially harmful vaccines to their children.

Small Business

As the owner of a small business, Full Armour Swim & Sports Teams that employs over 50 individuals annually, I understand the implications of the laws that are being passed requiring a higher minimum wage, family medical leave act and increased cost of unemployment insurance.


The rising tax burden is causing businesses to shutter and making room for the local economies to be negatively impacted by giving more privileges and advantages to large conglomerates and multi-national corporations.

The implications are astronomical as many times profits and dollars leave the small rural economies rather than leading to prosperous communities.

The rights of small business owners to stay true to themselves and their faith in the State of Colorado has been fought over and over and multiple cases have made their way to the Supreme Court.

Christian owned businesses like mine are under attack for their beliefs and unwillingness to bend to the radical woke agenda.

Open Sign


There is a lack of fiduciary responsibility in our education system. The state government has consistently asked for an increase in spending in our education system, but no one has batted an eye about how the money that is currently in the system is spent.

Homeschool families although on the rise are constantly under attack even though research has shown that across the country, homeschoolers consistently test higher than students in public school settings. The reasons school districts are pushing to end homeschooling is simple, it reduces the funds they have at their disposal.

Our education system is also flawed and not tailored to the needs of the students they serve. High Schoolers who are expected to sit in class all day do not even receive the same amount of break periods required by employment laws that ensure workers receive breaks.

School curriculum is entrenched with political, social narrative designed to reshape traditional family values rather than teach the skills required for youth to succeed and think critically.

The traditional model of education is failing our students. If elected I promise to ask the tough questions and evaluate the states current lack of fiduciary responsibility.


Second Amendment

I believe in Constitutional carry and the rights of citizens to protect human life and property. Adults over the age of 18 should be unhindered in the purchasing of a firearm for their own recreational and protection purposes. Waiting periods and red flag laws create dangerous situations and put unnecessary barriers to one’s constitutional right to protect themselves and grants local authorities unconstitutional power to remove weapons of lawful citizens. The government has no role in the private everyday lives of citizens and has no reason or power to create registries and tracking systems of gun owners.

Baby Crawling
Baby Crawling


Life begins at conception and should be protected. 

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was not the end of the battle, it was the beginning. It did not do anything to change the ability to receive an abortion in the State of Colorado.

Colorado's current law allows for abortion up to the date of birth. Allowing for a fully developed child to be murdered. 

Moreover, in the State of Colorado, a minor can receive an abortion without the consent, only notification, of the parents.

Cut Taxes

When Americans get to keep more of their hard earned money, local communities benefit and the economy flourishes because money is cycled amongst the community for exchange of goods and services.


When money is pulled away from citizens to centralized government controlled spending, that money is effectively pulled out of local economies.


I will vote no on efforts to raise taxes or on bills that will require additional taxation.


I believe that a law should be passed outlawing statements that wrongly influence voters to vote to keep taxes that are sunsetting.

Filling Out Tax Form
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